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Jash Jacob

Hi, I'm Jash Jacob, I design and develop dashboards and reports to help people analyse their businesses

Jash Jacob's Bio:

Jash Jacob is a BI solutions developer. He develops reports and dashboards on the SAP Business Objects BI suite. He is someone with a positive outlook on life. He learns quick and believes in continuous learning for personal growth. Being a self motivated individual most of the time, he can sometimes be put off by being forced into something that does not interest him. He intends to move in his career as a solutions architect or something on the lines. People management is not really a strong point, and is being worked on at present. His professional profile can also be found at Jash Jacob. He has also recently started working on a Business Intelligence Tutorial.  His thoughts on politics and other happenings around can be found at

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Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Technology, Blogs, Books

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